How to stay fit for work as a nurse

Staying fit as a nurse or while you are in nursing school can be an extremely difficult process especially when you need to find time. The good news about nursing is that it’s quite a physical occupation especially if you plan on working a hospital or large-scale medical facility. There are some great ways that you can improve your strength as well as fit in a good workout even with a busy schedule however.

Take up yoga: Yoga is an excellent and relaxing exercise method that you can even do in the break room at work. After yoga sessions many nurses feel as though they have been energized and recharged. Taking a few quick yoga classes arena and studying some videos online can help you to learn some basic movements for a routine that you can use to tone and improve your flexibility.

Learn some quick routines: There are a few quick routines that you can pick up on youtube that can be done mostly with resistance bands or even your own body weight. Learning some of these basic exercise routines can be very helpful for fitting in a quick workout while you are at work.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective ways to train even on a very busy schedule. A 20 min. high-intensity cardio workout followed by a bit of quick weight training could allow You to get in and out of the gym much faster. If longer workouts are generally difficult to fit in, this strategy is important.

Watching what you eat: Eating a clean diet can not only make you feel healthier as a nurse but it can boost your immune system and help to prevent the exercise you get from going to waste.

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